Mitsubishi introduced the Vision Ralliart concept, which is essentially an equipped Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

With the new concept, Mitsubishi’s performance subsidiary, Ralliart, makes a comeback. The radically modified design includes 22-inch wheels, a stylish and futuristic grille with the Ralliart symbol carved on it, LED headlights, and a lowered front bumper. Fender flares, revised side skirts, and a beefed-up back bumper add to the aggressiveness. Satin Matte Black with Blue Highlights is the color scheme for the Mitsubishi Concept.

“This is a concept car that expresses the possibilities of the new Ralliart, with elevated acceleration, cornering and braking in all road and weather conditions,” Mitsubishi said in the press release.

Mitsubishi hasn’t revealed the powertrain’s specifics, but it does boast “greater motor output, sportier 4-wheel control tuning, and more battery storage,” according to the company. The latest Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a 20-kWh battery, a twin motor, and Super-All Wheel Control.


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