The new 296 GTB is only the latest demonstration of Ferrari’s commitment to using technology and strategies developed for Formula 1 to the creation of state-of-the-art hybrid high-performance sports vehicles.

The MGU-K electric generator and motor are part of this, as is the freshly built twin-turbo V6 engine mounted behind them.

NOVITEC, a world leader in optimizing the performance of Ferraris and other high-powered Maranello vehicles, offers bespoke designs for the Ferrari 296 GTB. NOVITEC’s high-performance exhaust systems are available in a variety of configurations, each with its own set of catalysts and turbo inlets with increased airflow to facilitate the internal combustion engine’s breathing.

This adds 38 horsepower to the sports car’s system output, bringing it to 638 kW / 868 hp. Further performance enhancements for the Ferrari 296 series are in the works.

In collaboration with Vossen, custom NOVITEC high-tech wheels with widths of 21 and 22 inches have already been developed. The available NOVITEC sports springs offer for even more nimble handling. NOVITEC provides exclusive interior design solutions crafted with the utmost attention to detail in a wide array of hues for the customization of the cockpit. NOVITEC specializes in the production of high-performance exhaust systems for the world’s most luxurious automobiles.

The V6 exhaust systems are available in stainless steel or the high-tech metal INCONEL, which is also utilized in Formula 1 racing. To optimize engine compartment temperatures, all systems are encased in high-temperature insulation. This effect can be accentuated in conjunction with the INCONEL version by applying a 999 fine gold coating, which makes the exhaust look as unique as it is. In order to optimize the exhaust flow even further, NOVITEC engineers designed unique turbo inlets and 100-cell metal catalysts. Overall, the NOVITEC improvements to the exhaust side yield a 28 kW/38 hp increase in peak output.

The GTB’s exhilarating exhaust note can be altered from electrifying and racy to full-blooded racing sound. Diverse tailpipes with a diameter of 102 millimeters are available to visually display the NOVITEC exhaust system. They are available with or without a carbon embellisher and with an optionally stylish 999 fine gold plating. NOVITEC also provides a mesh insert for the seamless integration of the exhaust pipes into the rear end, which helps to expel more hot air from the engine compartment. While the NOVITEC line of carbon-fiber components designed to improve aerodynamics is still in development, a variety of high-tech wheels designed to improve aesthetics are already on the market. These wheels were designed in collaboration with Vossen, the leading American manufacturer of forged wheels.