The Yamaha XT600 is a dual-sport motorcycle produced by Yamaha from 1984 to 2003. It was designed to be a versatile bike capable of handling both off-road and on-road riding conditions.

Custom Yamaha 600 XT

The first XT600 was introduced in 1984 and featured a 595cc air-cooled engine with four valves and a five-speed transmission. It was equipped with long-travel suspension, a high ground clearance, and a rugged frame to make it capable of handling tough off-road terrain. Over the years, the XT600 underwent several changes and improvements, with updated engines and refined styling.

The XT600 was popular among adventure riders and became known for its reliability and versatility. It was also well-received by military and humanitarian organizations, who used it for missions in rugged and remote areas.

In 2003, the Yamaha XT600 was discontinued as Yamaha shifted its focus to producing larger-displacement dual-sport bikes. Despite its discontinuation, the Yamaha XT600 remains a popular choice among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and is still sought after by riders who appreciate its ruggedness and versatility.

Customizing a Yamaha XT600 can be a great way to make the bike unique and reflect the rider’s personal style. Custom builder Lucky Custom based out of Argentina has built a stylish SuperMotard concept out of the vintage 600 XT.