Honda CBR1100XX aka Super Blackbird was one of the most refined, powerful and fastest motorcycle ever made. 

Honda launched this hot-tourer motorcycle in 1997 boasting a top speed of 280-290km/h making it the fastest production motorcycle at the time. 

Super Blackbird was powered by a 1,137cc in-line four cylinder engine housed in twin beam frame produced 164 hp. The power plant derived from CBR1000F Hurricane is mated with a six speed transmission. 

The CBR1100XX was a long distance tourer with the performance of a sports bike and the overall ride comfort levels were exceptional. The bike was made to dethrone the Kawasaki Njnja ZX-11 as the worlds fastest production motorcycle. In February 1997, CBR1100XX set the top speed of 287.3 km/h compared to 281.6 km/h of ZX-11. 


  • 1,137 cc liquid cooled DOHC in-line four
  • 164 hp, 80.9 lb-ft
  • Close ratio 6-speed transmission 
  • 43mm cartridge type fork, Pro-Link HMAS
  • Dual combined braking 
  • 287.3 km/h top speed 


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