Saturday, August 13, 2022

Roaring 250cc two strokes from 90’s.

There’s nothing on two wheels that delivers quite the same thrills as a two-stroke engine. It’s what made the 250cc two-strokes such formidable racing machines,...

Race/Rally: Rally spec Toyota Hilux

The regular Toyota Hilux is one of the toughest trucks around, but it’s nothing compared to the Toyota Racing Gazoo Hilux that’s set to...

Racetrack pedigree to the street – Honda CBR600RR

Honda’s CBR600RR is all about one thing: Performance. CBR 600 RR is one of the best performing supersport motorcycle in its class. The legendary Honda...

Fascinating monkey facts: Honda Monkey!!

Everyone loves the Honda Monkey. The original Monkey was a 1960’s hit; add a few decades of evolution, and you get the 2020 Honda...

Fiat 500: Pop, Lounge and more

Fiat 500 first appeared back in 2007, and aside from a minor facelift in 2015, it’s still going strong without any major changes. All models...

Toyota’s Rolls Royce rival – Toyota Century

The Century's status alone makes it a very special car. At $175,000, making it more expensive than a fully loaded Lexus LS. The Century...

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