Developed with the concept of a “Business e: scooter perfect for everyday delivery services.

BENLY e: models are powered by two units of the Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP) detachable and easily-swappable battery. In addition to outstanding environmental performance, which can be achieved only by clean and quiet electric mobility products which emit no CO2 in use, BENLY e: models demonstrate powerful and smooth starting and hill climbing performance even when carrying cargo by leveraging the unique characteristics of their motor which generates ample torque even from a low rev range.

Range per charge reached 87 km (at 30 km/h on a flat road) for BENLY e: I and BENLY e: I Pro and 43 km (at 60 km/h on a flat road) for BENLY e: II and BENLY e: II Pro.

Courtesy: Honda


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