The NISSAN PATROL SUPER SAFARI has a proud heritage; a legacy of power, determination and strength. The PATROL story began more than 60 years ago in 1951 with the 4W60 and this legacy of reliability and superior 4×4 capability remain true today.

1951 – 1960:

The Nissan PATROL legacy began in 1951 with the 4W60. It had an authentic 4X4 chassis, selectable 4WD and a powerful 6-cylinder engine. The 4W60 quickly proved to be the most reliable, rugged and downright versatile 4X4 available, and it was not long before it became the preferred mode of off-road transportation in many parts of Asia.

1960 – 1980:

Building on the impressive achievements of the first generation was the soft-top Nissan PATROL 60 series or G60. This three-door, four-seat model was first sold in Australia in 1960 and was with short-, medium- and long- wheelbase chassis. It has a 3956cc petrol engine, four-speed manual gearbox and leaf-springs all-around.

1980 – 1987:

Next in line was the Nissan PATROL SUPER SAFARI 160 series, which was launched in 1980. With a five-door layout and seating for seven people, the 160 was the ultimate family adventure vehicle of the 80’s. Air conditioning and power steering were big and welcomed improvements and some versions also featured Limited Slip Differentials (LSD), which further improved off-road handling.

1987 – 1997:

The Y60 Nissan PATROL, was introduced to the world in 1987, and was radically different from its predecessors. It had coil-spring suspension and the rear axle was on a 5 link setup which considerably improved the Nissan PATROL’S on-road handling, whilst still retaining its unmatched and legendary off-road performance. This model also had a five-speed transmission and all-round disc brakes. Some Y60s even featured a PTO-driven front mounted winch.

1997 – 2010:

When the Y61 hit the market in 1997 it was clear that Nissan not only stayed true to the traditions of the original Nissan PATROL but surpassed it. Its underbody hardware was so significantly strengthened that it is still considered to be the strongest components fitted to any production 4WD.

2011 – 2016:

New facelifted has been launched with new headlights, box flares on each guard and larger tail lights which continued the run till 2016.

2017 ……

Special edition trims have been released in countries where Y61 was and are currently being sold. The ‘Special’ Super Safari edition (Middle East), The Falcon edition (Middle east), Gazelle and Gazelle X editions (Middle east), The Presidential edition (Philippines), The Legend edition (Philippines, South Africa and Australia)


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