Indian Pursuit Dark Horse is all about the prowess of American V-Twin touring performance. The 2022 Indian Pursuit, equipped with a liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine, ride-enhancing technology, a chassis-mounted fairing, and an abundance of touring amenities, asserts its claim as the most capable and sophisticated American touring motorcycle on the road.

The brand-new Indian Pursuit Dark Horse is built on the Indian Challenger platform, which revolutionized American V-Twin performance and handling. The platform, which was constructed around the liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine, brought a world-class level of sophistication with its lightweight cast aluminum frame, chassis-mounted fairing, superior running gear, and cutting-edge electronics.

India Pursuit is powered by the smooth and high revving 1768cc, liquid-cooled V-twin PowerPlus engine generating class-leading 121 hp and 178Nm of torque. The V-twin equipped with overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder is coupled with a six-speed transmission with overdrive, assist clutch, hydraulic valve lash adjusters and camshaft chain tensioners for low maintenance and reliability. 

By selecting between three ride modes, including Rain, Standard, and Sport, riders are able to customize the throttle mapping to suit their riding style or the conditions. Each mode has its own specific traction control settings to match its throttle mapping and provide the rider with optimum confidence.

The Indian Pursuit is designed for maximum comfort on epic, long-distance excursions. The fairing affixed to the chassis facilitates easier steering and reduces wind resistance. The adjustable windscreen and ventilated lower fairings give enhanced protection against the elements and a greater degree of adaptability to changing weather and temperature conditions. Stylishly integrated driving lights in the lower fairings enhance nighttime and cold-weather vision; heated grips keep riders’ hands warm; and the Pursuit’s new Heated Touring Comfort seat offers unparalleled comfort. Additionally, a premium cargo trunk and capacious saddlebags provide more than 133 litres of power-locking storage, allowing riders to bring everything they need for extended excursions.

Pursuit features 7” touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND Apple CarPlay, GPS with turn-by-turn navigation and a multitude of bike data to customise your view.

Fox’s electrically adjustable rear suspension preload is responsible for suspension responsibilities. The new electronic preload is also available as an accessory modification for all models of the Indian Challenger. Brembo brakes with radial mounting give the stopping power. Pursuit also boasts Smart Lean Technology, which keeps riders grounded by utilizing a Bosch IMU to add cornering control to the dynamic traction control and ABS for precise cornering, maximized braking, and maximized acceleration.

Tech Specs:-

  • 122 hp, 1768cc
  • 128 ft. lb. @ 3,800 rpm
  • Split Dual with Resonator exhaust
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Inverted Telescopic Fork
  • Fox Single Shock with Electronically Controlled Hyd Adjust
  • 7” screen 

Indian Pursuit can be customized with two Hard Lower Fairings kit options, a set of Mitered Mid-Rise Handlebars, LED lighting options, and several soft baggage components. To maximize the capacity within the Hard Lower Fairings of the Pursuit, riders can install additional storage compartments or an Indian Motorcycle PowerBand Audio Kit. When PowerBand Audio is fully improved, riders will hear surround sound at four spots, including the front fairing, lower fairings, saddlebags, and cargo trunk.