Yamaha has unveiled the NEO, an all-new electric scooter for the European market. 

Yamaha Neo Scooter  

The new electric scooter is modeled after the company’s own 50cc scooters, which were extremely popular in Europe. Under the Yamaha and MBK brands in the 1990s, Yamaha marketed some of the industry’s most successful models, including icons like the BW’s, the Aerox, and both 2-stroke and 4-stroke versions of the NEO’s.

The all-new NEO has a sleek design and an upright riding position. NEO Scooter is powered by Yamaha’s latest generation Integrated Power Unit, which has a newly developed brushless electric motor that produces ample torque for smooth operation, strong acceleration, and highly quiet operation. The gearless design eliminates power losses associated with belts and gears and improves the system’s quiet operation.

The powertrain functions as the rear wheel hub and integrates the rear braking system; the unit is directly affixed to the rear wheel rim. NEO is equipped with a 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery that powers the rear wheel. On a full charge, the battery placed beneath the seat provides a range of 37 kilometers. Additionally, NEO has the option of adding a second battery to increase its range to 68 kilometers.

NEO users can choose between two distinct riding modes according on their conditions and personal preferences, and they can easily swap modes on the fly via the button on the right handlebar. STD  mode produces the maximum power output of 2.06kW At 40 km/h and is intended for normal road use.

ECO mode is designed to conserve battery power and is best suited for longer journeys where maximum range is desired. In ECO mode, the maximum power output is decreased to 1.58kW at 30 kilometers per hour and the top speed is limited to 35 kilometers per hour – while power output is reduced over the whole speed range to extend battery life and provide a range of about 38.5 kilometers* on a full charge.

Riders can stay connected by downloading Yamaha’s free MyRide software on their smartphone and linking it with the scooter’s Communication Control Unit (CCU) using a QR code or VIN number. Incoming calls, messages, speedometer, odometer, trip and clock functions, charge levels of both the main and second optional batteries, and STD or ECO riding mode indicators and icons are all displayed on the LCD display in real time.

Yamaha outfitted the NEO with a high-strength steel frame and KYB forks with nickel-plated inner tubes for improved corrosion resistance. The ten-spoke front wheel is painted in a glossy black finish. A single-sided swing arm supports the entire rear section, which is supported by a die cast rim bolted directly to the direct drive electric motor.


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