Even in South Asian markets, where two-stroke motorcycle were formerly relatively popular alongside four-stroke models, they are becoming increasingly uncommon. 

Langen Two Stroke Motorcycle

Over a decade ago, all two-stroke motorcycle manufacturers made the transition to four-stroke bikes in order to comply with more rigorous regulations for the control of emissions. Screaming two-stroke engines were phased out in favor of more technologically superior four-stroke motors in the racing arena.

Two-stroke enthusiasts, many of whom rely on extensively used and worn-out second-hand two-stroke motorcycles that are still widely accessible in many countries, will be happy to hear that there is some good news. Langen Mororcycle, a company based in the United Kingdom, is now producing fresh new two-stroke cafe racers (we wrote about this on July 11th, 2020). When it was first released in 2020, the brand-new motorcycle immediately attracted the attention of riders who were passionate about two stroke bikes. 

The hand crafted two stroker has sophisticated looks and powered by a fuel injected 249cc V-twin, two stroke engine generating 75 hp. 

The lightweight motorcycle (120 Kgs) is equipped with a 7020T6 aluminium space-frame chassis which provides greater stability at high speed and on corners. Rev range is upto 11,500 rpm, but anything beyond 9,000 rpm is aggressive and intoxicating. Power deivery throughout the band is impressively smooth and so is the throttle response.


Tech Specifications 

Engine: Vins two stroke, 90º V-twin cylinder
Displacement: 249.5cc
Max power: 75 hp @ 11,700 rpm
Bore x stroke: 54 x 54.5 mm
Transmission: 6-speed
Chassis: Aluminium space frame
Front suspension: Ohlins 43mm ‘Right way up’ forks.
Rear suspension: Twin shock bespoke Ktech Piggyback Razors.