Citroen has launched My Ami Cargo – a cargo variant of it’s tiny electric city car Ami. My Ami Cargo is ultra-compact and designed to meet delivery of small packages over short distances in a city, to travel between sites.

My Ami Cargo

My Ami Cargo offers 260-litre storage space can accommodate a payload of 140 kg by replacing passenger seat with a modular protected box made up of 7 polypropylene. My Ami Cargo is powered by a 6 kW motor fed by 5.5 kWH lithium-ion battery rechargeable in 3 hours and offering a range of 75 Kilometers and a top speed of 45 Kmph suited for short trips.

Ami Cargo’s  steel tubular structure offer’s better protection against impacts and the body height and driving position provides good visibility. Customers can even customize their vehicle with the range of accessories provided: door net, floor mat, storage compartments, smartphone clip, DAT@MI dongle to connect smartphone.

Ami Cargo is best suited for urban delivery services catering e-commerce and food deivery. Suitable for start up companies and self-employed professionals.

Pic Courtesy: Citroen


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