Supercar manufacturer McLaren commence production of the Ultra Exclusive windscreen version of Elva roadster.

McLaren Elva

Powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 engine belting out 815PS offers exchilerating performance combined with a dry lightest weight of less than 1300kg.

The screenless Elva is McLaren Automotive’s lightest-ever road car and the target for the windscreen version is only 20kg heavier, even with the inclusion of electronically synchronised rain-sensing wipers, washer jets and sun visors, as well of course as the heated glass windscreen within a carbon fibre surround. The Active Air Management System (AAMS) in screenless Elva is absent in windscreen version. 

Both versions have similar acceleration figures reaching 100km/h from standstill in 2.8 seconds and covering 0 – 200km/h in 6.8 seconds. McLaren Elva has been created as a tribute to Bruce McLaren’s legendary Elva race cars of the 1960’s – the first sports cars designed and raced by Bruce McLaren, the founder of McLaren. 

McLaren Elva boasting heritage liveries are bespoke customized and limited to just 149 ultra exclusive units. First units will be delivered to customers later this year.


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