Shogo is an electric ride-on vehicle for hospitalized kids. 

Shogo is an electric ride-on vehicle built in-house by Honda engineers to navigate hospital corridors and transfer youngsters. It has features and characteristics that will assist bring delight to young patients as they continue their recovery journey.

“Project Courage” is the name of the effort, which highlights the incredible impact that play and laughter can have on a hospitalized child’s life. Shogo was designed with young patients in mind, ages 4 to 9, in mind. They can easily drive using power controls, a go/stop mechanism on the steering wheel, and an adjustable speed of 1 to 5 miles per hour, all of which are controlled by a handler such as a nurse or caretaker.

Central seating with child-friendly steering controls and smooth, soft-to-the-touch surfacing that is easy to clean in a hospital setting are among the characteristics. Shogo also comes with an IV pole holder and a push bar, allowing caretakers to manually push the vehicle if necessary. A toy bucket in the front of the vehicle for items the child would like to bring along with them, cup holders, a center horn with different sound options, and a customizable license plate slot to display the name of each rider are all features designed to make the child’s experience more comfortable.

One of Honda’s long-term partners, CHOC Hospital, is now using the Honda Shogo. CHOC played a vital role in proving Shogo’s viability and safety being the first hospital to use it in the care of young patients facing hospitalization. Shogo was put to the test by Honda and CHOC staff to ensure that the concept was viable.


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