Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, dropped a bombshell in the shape of a teaser image of the forthcoming Model P pickup truck in 2018. However, the much-anticipated pickup truck remains a concept that is likely undergoing final design revisions.

Emre Husmen, a Turkish automotive designer, is currently conceptualizing a more appealing design based on Tesla’s Model P. The futuristic eco-friendly truck depicted in his design has a robust and muscular appearance. The Tesla concept designed by Emre Husmen has a faux grille and ultra-thin headlamps. The truck’s robust appearance was accentuated by the truck’s streamlined body and small waist. The extended thin tail lights that encompass the entire back panel are an exquisite beauty.

Tesla designers could take inspiration from this stylishly crafted model when designing their ev monster.

Courtesy: Emre Husmen


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