TOYOTA GAZOO Racing has launched its all-new GR010 HYBRID Le Mans Hypercar.

The reigning World Champions and three-time Le Mans winners will defend those titles against new manufacturer competitors using a racing version of the upcoming hypercar road car, featuring powertrain technology developed in the TS050 HYBRID and highlighted via new Racing Hybrid branding. 

The GR010 HYBRID features a powerful four-wheel drive racing hybrid powertrain, with a 3.5litre V6 twin turbo engine, providing 680PS to the rear wheels and combining with a 272PS motor generator unit, developed by AISIN AW and DENSO, on the front axle. 

Total output is capped at 500kW (680PS), meaning the GR010 HYBRID’s sophisticated electronics reduce engine power according to the amount of hybrid boost deployed.

The GR Super Sport hypercar which made its public debut during a demonstration run and ceremonial trophy return at the 2020 Le Mans 24 Hours and is currently in development. A new livery with the iconic GR lettering is also featured.

As part of a cost-cutting initiative incorporated in the regulations, the new GR010 HYBRID is 162kg heavier and with 32% less power than its TS050 HYBRID predecessor, with Le Mans lap times expected to be around 10secs slower. It also has bigger dimensions; it is 250mm longer, 100mm wider and 100mm higher.

The GR010 HYBRID features state-of-the-art aerodynamics, optimised for efficiency, and developed using powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics software and wind tunnel testing.


  • Engine: 3.5 Litr, V6 direct injection twin-turbo
  • Engine Power: 500 kW / 680PS
  • Hybrid power: 200 kW / 272PS
  • Battery: High-powered TOYOTA lithium-ion battery 
  • Front motor/Inverter: AISIN AW / DENSO
  • Suspension: Independent front and rear double wishbone, pushrod-system
  • Transmission: Transversal with 7 gears sequential Courtesy: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing

Courtesy: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing



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