Midual is a French motorcycle company based in Angers, France, 190 miles southwest of Paris.

Midual type 1 is truly a masterclass of engineering and meticulous attention to detail. The bike is a classic roadster with exquisite levels of fit and finish: the kind of tactile luxury that the French do so well. Midual comes with a 1036 cc flat-twin engine that pumps out 104 hp and 100 NM (73 lb ft) of torque. There’s an aluminum monocoque frame that also holds the fuel, and suspension is from Öhlins’ top shelf: 43 mm FGRT forks and a TTX 36 shock.

It’s specifically pitched as a ‘luxury’ rather than performance bike, with the focus on build quality and exclusivity rather than lap times. If it were a car, it’d be a Bentley Continental GT. From the engraved screws to the saddle-stitched leather seat, the dashboard, and the design of the kickstand, the standard of finishes is unparalleled.

Buyers will be able to choose almost any paint they like and more than 45 types of leather are on offer, plus 25 sand casting treatments.


– Type: 25°-sloping flat-twin, transversal crankshaft
– Bore x Stroke: 100 x 66 mm
– Total displacement: 1036 cc/63.2 cu in
– Compression ratio: 12:1
– Max power: 106 hp at 8200 rpm
– Max torque: 93 Nm / 69 ft.lbf at 5500 rpm
– Max engine rpm: 8800 rpm
– Transmission: 6-speed, type 525 chain
– Front suspension: diam. 43 mm Ohlins FGRT fork
– Rear suspension: cantilever, Ohlins TTX 36 shock absorber


– Ultra luxury
– Fit and finish

Courtesy: Midual


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