Jesko Absolut is the fastest Koenigsegg ever made by Koenigsegg. A track focused Jesko and a high speed Jesko Absolut are available to choose from. 

Jesko Absolut

Both versions are powered by a 1280 hp twin turbo charged V8 engine. V8 features worlds lightest flat plane 180-degree crankshaft producing more power efficiently. 

Flat plane V8 is mated with a 9-speed Koenigsegg Light Speed Transmission (LST). LST is Koenigsegg’s latest gearbox innovation comprising nine forward gears and several wet, multi-disc clutches in a compact, ultra-light package. This helps in seamless and smooth shifting of gears. LST also features unique multi-clutch design and UPOD – Ultimate Power On Demand technology, which instantly selects and engages optimum gearing for maximum acceleration.

The Jesko Absolut has a drag coefficient value of only 0.278 Cd. The low drag in combination with a frontal area of 1.88 m2 in combination with a power level of minimum 1600 bhp.

Rear wing has been removed to reduce the downforce and drag and replaced by two rear hood fins further enhancing the high-speed stability. The front splitter and side winglets are removed, and the front wheel louvers are replaced with smoother ones. 

Jesko Absolut

The Jesko features adjustable dampers by Öhlins customized by Koenigsegg and longest front and rear wishbones. Sports a tuned suspension setup that is more tailored to extreme high speeds and less downforce. The front hood air dam, as well as the front triplex system has been removed offering more luggage space. 

Interior features electrically operated seats finished in leather or alcantara as per customer’s choice. The sport bucket sheets boast carbon fiber shell.  SmartWheel, equipped with two small touchscreens embedded into Jesko’s steering wheel, making a suite of features accessible with just a touch or a swipe such as audio control, phone control, ride height control and cruise control.

Jesko features a new, racing-inspired and very compact SmartCluster instrument screen. The screen is mounted directly behind the steering wheel and turns as the steering wheel turns. Array of safety equipment’s include power assisted brakes, carbon ceramic brakes with Sport ABS, smart airbags, digital warning and info system, tire pressure monitoring system etc.


  • Koenigsegg twin turbo aluminum 5.0 liter V8
  • 1280 bhp @ 7800 rpm (E85: 1600 bhp)
  • 1500 Nm @ 5100 rpm
  • 9-speed Light Speed Transmission (LST)
  • Drag coefficient: 0.278 Cd
  • Carbon fiber monocoque chassis
  • Carbon ceramic brakes with Sport ABS



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