Honda CBX 1000 launched in 1978 was based on Grand Prix motorcycles of the 60’s. CBX 1000 was one of the most powerful motorcycle at it’s time of launch. 

Custom CBX 1000

Original CBX, the flagship of Honda was powered by 105 hp 1047cc in-line six cylinder engine featuring GP racing technology. It is equipped with a tubular chassis, telescopic forks at front and twin shocks at the rear. CBX known for its performance and design clocked a top speed of 210 Kmph. CBX’s from 1981 fitted with fairing and saddle bags were detuned to 100 hp as Honda relaunched it as Sport Cruiser. 

CBX’s in good condition are a rare find, however custom builder WiMoto got a CBX which was already rebuilt in 2001. Frame has been reinforced by welding in chromoly tubes increasing rigidity and stiffness which in turn improves the handling of the bike. Front fork and swing arm were customized in house. The custom bike offers smooth ride with an addictive engine note.  It is stable on the corners due to the stiffness of the fork and excellent feedback provided through handle bars. This custom CBX is an absolute joy to ride. 

Custom CBX 1000


  • Custom frame
  • Custom fork and swing arm
  • YSS Suspension 
  • Modified Kerker exhaust 
  • 18” wheels
  • Avon Cobra tires

Courtesy: WiMoto; Pictures: Floris Velthuis Photografie


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