The car combines futuristic design with autonomous driving, electric mobility.

The first thing you notice is the car’s body, whose shape is reminiscent of a diamond and which is made entirely of glass. Like a helicopter cabin, it gives the passengers a panorama view of the surrounding nature.

The color of the AI:TRAIL should be (fittingly) reminiscent of the north European wilderness — the unique silvery light of Scandinavia and the blue shading of the northern seas. But, with a length of 4.15 meters and a height of 1.67 meters, the concept car is relatively compact.

 Eye-catching tires with visible technical elements give the car a good grip on the damp forest floor. 

The outdoor theme carries over into the entire interior of the electric car. The grab handles are made of climbing rope that is knotted using macramé techniques.  And the functionality is essential. The armrests, for example, are treated with an anti-bacterial, dirt-repellant coating. Gadgets like portable water bottles and light objects with a flashlight feature can be used on trips outside of the car. The “light companion” can scan the path and ensure that that the hiker finds their way back safely.

Natural materials such as wood, felt, and wool emphasize the connection to nature. In addition, some of the materials used in the interior are sustainably produced, like the recycled leather of the carpeting. It’s the Audi AI:TRAIL’s tribute to nature.

Courtesy: Audi


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