It’s not just any car, but a limited-edition super sports car. The JD70 has become the world’s first 2G supercar, capable of neck-stretching with TWICE the earth’s gravitational pull around corners.

The world’s two most exciting ways to spend eight seconds are sitting on top of an Apollo rocket heading for space or crushing the JD70’s accelerator pedal until it reaches 200km/h.

Eight seconds of rocketing will carry you 83 metres (albeit vertically), while the JD70 will blast you to 200km/h. The rocket would be travelling at 20 metres per second, but the Dutch missile will be at 56m/s. Even then, the JD70 driver will have 0.3 seconds to spare, because it reaches the double century in just 7.7 seconds (after breaching 100km/h in only 2.7 seconds).

The JD70 includes plenty of patented EX-CORE® carbon-fiber technology, which makes it astonishingly light and immensely strong.

The JD70’s 2480cc five-cylinder turbo motor has won nine consecutive International Engine of the Year awards in its class. It produces 415hp and a whopping 570 Nm hitting the peak as low as 1750rpm and holding on until 6350rpm.

The five-cylinder, turbocharged engine is cleaner than ever, with just 191 grams/km of CO2 emissions, and even stronger at low revs.

JD70’s interior features carbon-fibre seats, the quick-release steering wheel and the light, race-bred digital instrument cluster. Plus electric power steering and a colour digital display screen, complete with lap timing and Wifi data logging. It can be equipped with four- or six-point harnesses, a wind deflector to minimize interior buffeting, a carbon-fibre transmission tunnel and a rear-view camera.

JD70 can be as hard-core as possible with additions like a free-flow, stainless-steel exhaust and a cooler for the limited-slip differential. There’s an optional Bilster Berg-spec roll cage, too, and if you’re having that it’s hard to go past the Bosch Race ABS system and the bigger rear-brake calipers.


Engine technology: AUDI 2,5L R5 TFSI
Engine configuration: In-line five, turbocharged
Displacement: 2480cc
Power: 415hp @ 5,850rpm
Torque: 560Nm @ 1,750rpm
Transmission: Short-throw, five-speed Tremec, rev matching
Acceleration 0-100km/h: 2.7 Sec
Acceleration 0-200km/h: 7.7 Sec
Top speed: 280Kmph


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