Electrification is the future of world’s auto industry. Be it cars or motorcycles, worlds top auto makers are busy developing prototypes and test mules to capture a slice of the vast and ever growing electric vehicle market. Tesla is the market leader in terms of electric car sales. Electric Motorcycles Market is projected to be worth USD 58.37 Billion by 2027 and the top players are Zero Motorcycles of USA, Blacksmith Electric of India and Husqvarna Motorcycles of Austria. 

The global electric vehicle market share has increased dramatically over the last decade and expect this trend to surge in coming years. Start ups are playing it’s own role by churning out low cost electric bikes. Ambitious designers around the world are creating futuristic designs of electric bikes and scooters  and some of them really worth to have a look into. One such rendered image is by designer Daniel Kemnitz dubbed “Ronin”. 

The battery powered bike has two detachable hydrogen fuel cells providing extended range. These fur cells are swappable with out the help of tools. 


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