BMW presented the all new fully electric city motorcycle Concept CE 02 targeted at youngsters.

The funky concept powered by a 11 kW electric motor has a top speed of 90 Kmph and a driving range of 90 Kms making it ideal to zip around in traffic packed streets. 

Concept CE 02 features a square black headlight with four LED’s. At the rear it has a pair of translucent LED lights fixed to the left and right of the rear seat providing the illumination. A color LCD display on the handlebar provides essential information. 

The EV features a flat body considerably enhancing the centre of gravity and improves the rising dynamics. Large disc wheels and low positioned seat provides a very agile riding experience. Enough storage spaces are provided between the seat and frame, two crossed over elastic bands for small items to be tucked in and by the brackets where front footrests are mounted. 

BMW brings in another innovative technology GRDXKN – riding equipment with printed-on protection using abrasion-resistant and impact-absorbing materials. 


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