Dark Horse is another 6×6 from Apocalypse Manufacturing  similar to Jeep based Hellfire we reviewed recently. 

Dark Horse is based on an off-the-shelf Ford Bronco 4×4 with a turbocharged V6 engine. By remapping the ECU and adding larger fuel injectors and an improved exhaust with a distinct tone, Apocalypse Manufacturing was able to extract 400 horsepower from the base unit.

The Dark Horse features patented custom tandem, handmade, middle-axle channeling power to all six wheels. The stock Bronco’s convertible roof is replaced with a custom-made extended fiberglass hardtop with a slant back that can be readily removed and reinstalled as needed. Coil-over suspension supports each individual wheel, resulting in a firmer and more comfortable driving experience. The “auto” button activates full-time 6×6 mode.

The interior of the Dark Horse is truly unique, especially when the truck’s doors and roof are removed. The marine-grade leather upholstery is finished in a King Ranch style pattern with a tan and black color combination.


  • Patented tandem middle axle
  • Removable custom hardtop
  • 37″ Patagonia tires 
  • 20″ alloy SFJ rims
  • 4” lift with a steering stabilizer
  • King Ranch marine grade dark brown leather interior
  • Front steel bumper
  • Steel sidesteps


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