Rendered image Courtesy – Valentino Rajan

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is a luxury sedan featuring a hot blooded turbo charged 505 hp power plant. The most powerful sport sedan ever created by Alfa Romeo exhibits precision in performance by dynamic power distribution using active torque vectoring tech and an advanced 8-speed transmission employing integrated adaptive shift technology. To sum it up, the Alfa Giulia is a technologically advanced car with breath taking performance. 

Now let’s look into another striking name plate similar to Giulia, which is Alfa Romeo Aquila. Sadly this hyper-car lookalike is just a design and dubbed “Aquila” by its creator Valentino Rajan. Design draws cues from famous Italian marques, the Aquila is a classic example of talented free lance designers creating stunning piece of art against bland designs from OEM drawing board. 


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