Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber manufacturer, is collaborating with Microsoft to develop a world-first monitoring system for detecting tyre damage issues in real-time.

Tyre issues take four main forms: inadequate pressure, fatigue, irregular wear, and lastly, damage from curbs, potholes, or items on the road. TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems) have been mandatory in all cars built since 2012, and help motorists avoid low-pressure problems.

The exception, and safety gap, has been tyre damage – which often cannot be detected without close inspection. Now that gap can be closed. Bridgestone’s Tyre Damage Monitoring System delivers real-time awareness of damage.

It uses Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platforms (MCVP) cloud framework together with existing sensor data, from hardware that is already installed, and uses algorithms to detect events affecting the tyre surface and carcass. The driver can then be immediately notified of the hazard and act accordingly to remedy the situation. There is currently no other equivalent monitoring system available in the market.


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