Where even four-wheel drive trucks reach their limits, a totally different kind of work and tractor vehicle has to take over: the Unimog. It redefines versatility and viability on four wheels. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is in a league of its own, providing solutions which no other vehicle worldwide can offer.

Created during the hard times following the end of WW II, the tough Mercedes-Benz Unimog is one of the few truly still-living legends of legendary automobiles still in production.

Unimog variants are powered by Mercedes OM 904 LA and OM 924 LA producing 177hp/218hp and 675/810 Nm of torque respectively. With AutomaticShift you can decide, at the touch of a button, to use either M (for manual) or A (for automatic) gear shifting. Either way, without using the clutch. Even in automatic mode, you can intervene with the gearshift lever and change gears manually.

With its unique off-road capabilities, the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 beats every rival hollow – worldwide. Its flexible frame ensures excellent rigidity on the road and great torsional flexibility off-road; its superior chassis concept includes an engageable four-wheel drive, differential locks in both axles, reduction gears for off-road with as well as portal axles for particularly high ground clearance. Whether deep sand, high water, bogs or scree – the Unimog transports your crew, materials and heavy equipment quickly and safely to any location.

The Unimog’s powerful hydraulic system with a working pressure of up to 240 bar features standard plug connectors for easy, fast and error-free fitting. Two hydraulic connections each at front and rear (pressure and return line) are available to operate winches, cranes etc.


Engine: 4,250cc in-line four
Power: 177hp/218hp
Torque: 675Nm/810Nm
Forward gears: 8
Reverse gears: 6
Gearshift: Telligent gearshift/AutomaticShift (EAS)


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