Rolls Royce introduced Spectre, the first ultra luxury electric coupe !!

Rolls Royce

The all electric Spectre with a starting price tag of $413,000 is a sleek two-door coupe powered by a 430kW electric powertrain offering 900Nm of torque capable enough to launch the mammoth luxury cruiser to 100km/h from standstill in 4.5 seconds. 

The customized Architecture of Luxury is what the Spectre is built around; it is a revolutionary, extremely flexible all-aluminum spaceframe architecture designed specifically for electric vehicles and Phantom, Cullinan, and Ghost models. The battery for Specter is built into the chassis and located in the floor. This design helps in a low seating position and enhances sound deadening. 

Rolls Royce describes the Planar suspension system in the Spectre as a “orchestra of systems” that responds precisely to driver input and road conditions. When an automobile is equipped with a planar system, the anti-roll bars can be disconnected from one another, giving each tire the freedom to respond independently to road bumps. Flaws in the road surface quality that generate high-frequency riding irregularities are mitigated as a result.

Planar recouples the parts and stiffens the dampers before a corner is detected, and the four-wheel steering system is primed and ready for use to make turning in and out of the corner as smooth as possible. Spectre’s stability in turns is ensured by 18 sensors constantly monitoring the situation and adjusting the car’s steering, braking, engine delivery, and suspension settings.

The estimated cost of Spectre is somewhere between that of Cullinan and Phantom. The initial shipment is anticipated to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2023.