Electric vehicle start-up Rivian announced new dual motor versions of R1S and R1T. 

The dual motor trucks equipped with motors designed and built in-house by Rivian shells out 600 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque capable enough to propel the truck from 0- 100 Kmph in just 4 seconds. This performance is close enough to the existing top of the line quad motor setup having 800 plus horsepower. 

Dual motor trucks are fed by a 260 mile standard battery pack. The range can be extended to 320 mile by a USD 6,000/- add-on upgrade. Dual motor R1T with standard battery pack will cost USD 68,575/- and R1S with standard battery pack costs USD 73,575/-, which is same as the quad-motor models prior to the introduction of dual motors.  Price for both quad motor models are increased by USD 12,000/- putting the R1T @ USD 80,575/- and R1S @ USD 85,575/-. Dual motor R1T is offered with a USD 16,000/- 400 mile Max pack. 


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