Nissan unveiled the e-Force radio controlled car demostrating Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control technology.

The RC car featuring Nissan Ariya body shell is the first ever Nissan vehicle equipped with e-4ORCE technology. The e-4ORCE RC car features four electric motors, one for each wheel, to reproduce e-4ORCE’s all-wheel control technology. Power generated and braking are managed by e-4ORCE technology enhancing the smoothness and stability of the vehicle over any type of road surface. The e-4ORCE technology has been customized for the RC car, and sensors attached on the vehicle monitor the driving conditions, allowing the RC car to travel the demonstration course smoothly over a variety of course surface conditions. Accelerator pedal, steering wheel, and tilting racing seat are used to control the e-4ORCE remote control automobile. A monitor attached to the onboard camera of the RC car simulates driving a real car.


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