The Ninja ZX-10RR was designed to win races with as little fuss as possible. In the capable hands of Kawasaki racers, the Ninja ZX-10RR is designed to deliver legendary performance.

A number of changes offering enhanced performance and increased reliability care of feedback from Kawasaki’s racing efforts in the Superbike World Championship facilitate converting the Ninja ZX-10RR into a race machine.

Engine improvements for 2020 Ninja ZX-10RR offer increased power, with an even wider power-band both advantages that will further increase their race-winning potential. And the Ninja ZX-10RR – already one of the most potent track weapons in the paddock, and a proven championship winner receives tailor-made titanium connecting rods that benefit both engine and chassis performance, making it even more competitive.

The KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shift) system allows both clutchless upshifts and downshifts, contributing to race-ready performance. The combination of a lightweight tyre and wheel has the huge benefit of decreasing unsprung weight which drastically reduces inertia allowing for faster and more accurate turning capability.

The Kawasaki ZX10RR also comes with a factory fitted quickshifter that operates on both up and down gearshifts. Although aesthetically very similar to the ZX10R, please note that the Kawasaki ZX10RR is a single seat motorcycle.

To match the Ninja ZX-10RR’s single-seat specification and wheels and tyres, front and rear suspension settings ensure smooth weight transfer during deceleration and acceleration on the circuit. A pair of massive φ330 mm Brembo semi-floating discs with a thickness of t5.0 mm deliver superb braking force.

Kawasaki’s electronic steering damper, jointly developed with Öhlins, is standard equipment on all models.


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, Fuel Injected, In-Line Four
Displacement: 998cc
Max Power: 197.2 HP @ 13,000 rpm
Max Torque: 113.5 N.m (11.6 kgf.m) @ 11,500 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed


– Power
– Handling
– Race gene
– Riding aids


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