Few motorcycles can claim to be exceptional at all things, but the Honda CB650R is one bike that stands out from the rest.

The 2020 Honda CB650R is one of the most attractive and versatile motorcycles in the Honda Neo Sports Café line-up. This naked beast redefines the nature of standard motorcycles.

This bike looks unique. The Neo Sports Café design combines elements from pure sportbikes and sporting nakeds. Sometimes less is more, and the CB650R makes a bold styling statement wherever you ride it.

The heart of the CB650R is its 649-cc, liquid-cooled inline-four-cylinder engine. It’s a classic Japanese sport-bike engine with a sky-high redline of 12,800 rpm belting out 94 horsepower and 47 lb-ft of peak torque. Power delivery is smooth over the rev range.

The CB650R uses the same LED headlight as our CB1000R.

The front suspension showcases some leading-edge technology. The 41mm fork is equipped with Showa’s Separate Function Fork (SFF) which offers reduced weight, superior rigidity, and excellent overall performance.

The twin-spar frame is light, strong, and provides the basis for the CB650R’s stellar handling.

Power, style and an unmistakable growl—you get all three with the four-into-one exhaust system on the CB650R. Honda Selectable Torque Control System (HSTC) adjusts engine power to optimize torque at the rear wheel, reducing rear-wheel slip.


– Engine: In-line four, four-stroke
– Displacement: 649cc
– Power: 94HP@12000RPM
– Torque: 64Nm@8500RPM
– Transmission: 6-speed
– Front suspension: 41mm fork
– Rear suspension: Showa Single Shock
– Final drive: Chain


– Torque control
– Anti lock brakes
– Neo sports design
– Versatile power

Courtesy: Honda Motor


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