Toyota Motor Corporation announced it’s battery EV strategies in a media briefing and exhibited several Toyota and Lexus EV models.

Lexus RZ

Electrified Lexus models include the the mid size SUV Lexus RZ, a two seater sports car Lexus Electrified Sport, a four door sedan Lexus Electrified Sedan and a large SUV Lexus Electrified SUV. 

RZ will be based on the LF-Z concept car unveiled earlier this year and Toyota bZ4X. The eye catching Lexus Electrified Sport takes design cues from LFA does 0-100 Kmph in less than 2 Sec and has a range of 700 Kms. Lexus Electrified Sedan has a coupe styling with a design similar to the Electrified Sport. Lexus Electrified SUV is larger version of RZ which could be the flagship Lexus EV SUV in the future. 


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