Toyota’s handsome sports car Supra, debuted in 1978, is now in its fifth generation.

The feature-rich luxury sports car is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo four or a more potent 3.0-liter turbo in-line-six, generating 255 and 382 horsepower, respectively. Supra was developed in collaboration with BMW and shares the platform and engine options of the BMW Z4.

Toyota Supras are popular among car customizers and custom builders. We present a bizarre concept overland vehicle based on the current generation Supra. The rendered image is a knockout, featuring a muscled-up Supra on fat off-road tyres. With sculpted body panels and wheel arches, the micro SUV has the intimidating appearance of a heavy duty custom built off-road cruiser. Rain Prisk, an Estonian designer, created this four-wheeled art.


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