Rezvani Motors, based in California, is known for producing extreme military grade vehicles for civilian customers.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition is a compact SUV that is the toughest and most powerful extreme all-terrain vehicle on the market. The tank is fully armored and has bulletproof glasses that can stop high caliber weapons and assault rifles. The radiator, battery, and fuel tank are all kevlar-wrapped. The underside is also safe from explosive devices.

Rezvani Tank’s electrical systems are protected by advanced electromagnetic pulse protection. Magnetic deadbolts and electrified door handles offer the highest level of security against unauthorized or forceful entry. Wheel band technology allows you to drive a severely damaged tire to a safe location. It also keeps the tire from detaching from the wheel.

Tank is propelled by a 6.4-liter 500-horsepower V8 engine. A 6.2-liter 1000-hp V8 lifted from a Dodge Demon is available as an option.

A well-appointed luxury interior, military grade gas masks, a hypothermia kit, and a first-aid kit are also notable features. It has strobe lights, sirens, and a full intercom system with external speakers and a microphone, allowing the driver to communicate with outside threats without having to open the doors or windows. With a steel bumper, a built-in winch, and D rings, it can ram through any situation if necessary.

Finally, the vehicle is outfitted with a thermal night vision system, as well as optional explosive device detection and continuous video recording. The base model starts at USD 259,000/-.


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