Brand new hyper-car Pagani Utopia is unveiled during a world premier hosted by Pagani.

Utopia is a high performance hyper-car equipped with a 6.0-liter biturbo V12 engine built by Mercedes-AMG churning out 864 hp and thunderous 1100 Nm of torque. Utopia features a seven speed transverse mounted quick shifting 7-speed manual transmission by XTrac with helical gears. 

This show-stopper has a gorgeously curvy and fluid design. Its fresh look comes from the softer lines that run throughout its design, from the windscreen’s rounded upper edges to the details of its wings and bonnet. When compared to other hypercars, aerodynamic enhancements like spoilers are kept to a minimum. Utopia’s design, which produces more downforce and less drag, made it aerodynamically efficient. There aren’t any flashy color TFTs or giant touch panels cluttering up the interior. All gauges and screens are analog and straightforward. Steering wheel is carved out of a solid aluminum block featuring spokes and hollow rim.

Through extensive wind tunnel testing, Utopia’s active aerodynamics and electronic shock absorbers have been fine-tuned to deliver unparalleled acceleration and handling. The dry weight of this hypercar was kept to less than 2822 pounds thanks to the frame and body components built out of a composite material called Carbo-Titanium, which was created and patented by Pagani. A total of 864 horsepower, with a lightweight frame and a rapid transmission, make this beast of a vehicle faster than any other. After extensive development, pre-tests, and homologation approval, Utopia was subjected to more than 50 rigorous crash testing before receiving worldwide certification.

Utopia is limited to just 99 units and has a retail price tag of $2.5 million.