Hennessey Performance Engineering launched the 1200 hp Hennessey MAMMOTH 6×6, the biggest and most powerful truck in the company’s 29-year history. MAMMOTH 6×6 is the result of a deadly combination of 2021 Ram TRX Truck + 1200 HP Hellephant V8 + 6-Wheel Drive.

The 702 hp factory Hellcat supercharged V8 has been replaced by a specially tuned 7.0L Hellephant engine producing over 1200 bhp.

Hennessey will only be building a total of three MAMMOTH 6X6 Hellephant-powered Ram TRX trucks which will make it the most powerful and most exclusive truck ever offered by the company. It will also be the most expensive with a cost of $500,000 which includes the base Ram TRX.

In addition to its all new 6-wheel drive and all new truck bed conversion, MAMMOTH 6X6 will have a fully upgraded off-road suspension, bespoke interior, upgraded front and rear bumpers with upgraded LED lights and more.

Due to the limited edition nature of this vehicle, Hennessey will only accept orders starting on September 4, 2020 at 12 noon central time. Buyers must call 1-800-897-0426 to place their order.


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