German manufacturer Horex is famous for their line-up of V6 motorcycles. Latest addition is VR6 Raw. As the name suggests it’s a monster, a beast.

Horex already has a fleet of VR6 variations, all powered by the same 1,128cc, V6 engine producing 161 horsepower and 94 lb-ft of torque. Horex now introduced a new model to the lineup; the Raw, a black-on-black behemoth with a microfiber seat and matte aluminum y-spoke wheels.

RAW is always in the deepest black. End caps, mirrors, handlebars, frames and most of all visible parts are held in “HOREX Black Gloss” or “HOREX Black Matt”. The RAW stands on specially for HOREX forged, extremely light aluminum wheels (naturally in black). It has new rear silencers that underline this sporting claim. The HOREX VR6 RAW also features the brand new HOREX 7-inch LED display, with 1000 candela brightness and a real glass panel.


– Engine: Water-cooled six-cylinder VR engine
– Displacement: 1218cc
– Power: 161hp
– Torque: 128Nm
– Transmission: 6-speed
– Front suspension: Öhlins Upside-down fork
– Rear suspension: Öhlins TTX36 central shock with adjustable spring base
– Brakes: High performance Brembo


– V6
– German
– Smooth power delivery
– Torquey engine


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